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Maybe if you’re 20 years old and high in your dorm room with your friends

From what I've heard, it seems to play better with younger audiences and less to the jaded top critics who can't relate to it or throw lazy words like "pretentious" at it because it strives to be more than an effects driven piece of shit.

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I was wondering why they are trying to sell this movie as a sci-fi romp. Don't they know that audiences hate a bait and switch more than anything else?
Because it cost $100 million to make and your average Joe isn't going to cough up dough for anything more than Transformers, The Avengers or Taken 2. The thing that annoys me about these critics is that they seem to want it both ways. If something is dumb, they beg for ambition. If something is ambitious, they just call it pretentious, which only leads back to an onslaught of dumb films. Whether you like Cloud Atlas or not, you should at least embrace that it strives for something more than mindless entertainment. We should be praying that it is successful so it can lead to more opportunities for ambitious projects.

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