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Excellent episode, tonight, possibly the best season yet.
I was thinking about that not too long ago, how this season does seem to be more compelling than the last couple. Last year at this time Juice had just survived hanging himself and Clay shot Piney at the end of episode 8. While that was all good shit, it wasn't as good as what's going on right now. It isn't even close imo. The whole deal with Juice and his parentage never really sat right with me and I didn't like that subplot at all, nor was I as big a fan of Potter as a lot of other folks seem to be. It was good, don't get me wrong, very good, but there were little things I could point at as missteps or nitpicks or just meh ingredients. Right now, where we are as of episode 8 of this season, I couldn't find anything to complain about if I tried. I am absolutely loving how this is going, and I look forward to it every week more than in previous seasons. Much more, even.

However comma, Digifruit is right in that it's too early to actually call it the best yet. That's more a thing to consider when it's over. I will say that so far it's shaping up to at least be in close contention, though. Almost every week has seemed like a game-changer. There's one obvious big one overshadowing the rest, but set that aside and a lot has been happening. This week's ending, man, things will definitely not be the same anymore with Gemma and Jax and Tara. I don't for a moment believe that Abel is gonna die, he'll probs just be in the hospital next week, but there's no way Tara is going to be able to maintain any kind of relationship with Gemma after this. Jax will be pissed too but less likely to actually hate her, which is how I see Tara reacting.

Unser is becoming an even better character every episode it seems. When Clay started talking about offing him I had a suspicion that he would do exactly what he did, and kill the Nomads instead, but I was still almost relieved when he did it. If anything could make me finally hate Clay, it would be him killing Wayne (or actually conspiring to). I really dig what they're doing with Juice, who's so likable in a well-intentioned kind of way that having him on Clay's side (sort of) strikes a nice balance. And Nero has been an incredibly cool and fitting addition to the cast. This season is doing everything right so far.
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