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It doesn't fit her character to be so OK with it.
She is not OK with it but this is a good example of a dilemna.

She is not OK with the whole thing , her job as a police detective and now captain would be to turn him in but her stance as a sister is to understand , convince and protect her brother.

Let's forget the killing for a sec and instead imagine theft. Personally , if my brother or a family member would rob grocery store at gunpoint to pay for his meth addiction and killed a couple person on the way , i would surely turn him in but if he was Robin Hood and just stealing from the rich while giving back to the community and the only ones dying brought it upon themselves , i'd probably protect that person too.

Not sure if this is a good example but that's the only one i came up with.

Dexter made it clear to her he only kills certain kind of person and the whole Bullhead killer situation just exacerbated his point. Deb problably would not have been so understanding if that situation didn't happen at the same time but that is TV drama convenience at its best.
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