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I've seen this movie and your comparison to ToL and The Master couldn't be farther from the truth. This is primarily about entertainment and they've catered this to the widest possible audience. You've seen Speed Racer, the Matrix films or V for Vendetta right? Do any of those strike you as like The Master or Tree of Life? Your comparison doesn't make any sense, and if you end up seeing the movie you'll understand why.
Yeah, scratch The Master from that mini rant observation but i think TOL is an appropriate comparison because of the epic but possibly meandering scope that only an art house crowd will get excited over or have the patience to sit through

I still say this will fizzle with the mainstream, it may prove to be too challenging and pretentious as someone has mentioned .

Aside from the dazzling visuals there is nothing that is grabbing my attention , it's a possible rental for me
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