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I would have to say "May" -2002, it was something that I could see me meeting a girl like that, and not see that coming. Also another is Candyman I never was afraid of the movies, I just find it taboo to say that name in front of a mirror 3 times, which is funny!
americanmoviefan As for the Paranormal Activity movies arn't really scary it was just it's tone that worked I enjoyed the first a lot, it's a shame you didn't like it. I know my brother's girl friend, (that is when I let my brother borrow my dvd of it), she didn't want that dvd in the house because she thought it was possessed, I would say her's would be that, on this list. As for the second one I love the part with the Pool Vacuum which is priceless its worth watching just that part and that's about it. I haven't seen 3 and 4.
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