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Martin Scorsese-he is simply the best ever IMO.

Goodfellas-best movie ever.
Casino-second best movie ever (j/k).
Raging Bull-fascinating look at a man’s self-destruction.
Taxi Driver-fascinating look at a mans separation from reality.
Shutter Island-another I would list among the best of past 15 years.

Coen brothers-everything they do entertains.

Fargo-funny, fascinating, great characters.
The Big Lebowski-thats just my opinion man.
True Grit-pleasantly surprised here. Never thought they could pull it off but IMO, they made it better than the original.
No Country for Old Men-at first I did not like this much. After three viewings, it has become a favorite of mine.
Intolerable Cruelty-I fucking love this movie. All the actors do a great job, the backstabbing and one-upping, the nonstop douchebaggery by Jones and Clooney, this movie is immensely entertaining.

Ridley Scott-dude makes intense movies.

Alien-best horror/sci-fi/terror movie ever. Sets the bar.
Black Hawk Down-best war movie since Full Metal jacket.
Black Rain-best cop flick ever.
Blade Runner-groundbreaking, stunning, and fascinating.
Gladiator-definite top three of the new millennium.

Paul Thomas Anderson-best of the current generation.

There Will Be Blood-best movie of the new millennium, top 5 of all time.
Boogie Nights-mind blowing, shocking, entertainment epitomized with a great story and characters.
Magnolia-engrossing, epic film making.

Have not seen The Master yet and did not like Punch Drunk so I only got three for him. However, damn, these are easily three of the best movies of the past 15 years. No way, I can keep him off the list.

David Fincher-he needs to write something to be considered great. However, the stories he picks are top notch.

Fight Club-what more needs to be said here?
Seven-same as above.
Zodiac-meticulous, engrossing, epic film making.
The Social Network-bristles with energy, fascinating character study.
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo-I know, I know, the remake thing and the ending. I do not care, I love this story. I loved the original and loved this even more because of the increased production value and Fincher's direction.

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