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The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo-I know, I know, the remake thing and the ending. I do not care, I love this story. I loved the original and loved this even more because of the increased production value and Fincher's direction.
No, a lot of people are including it on their lists under Fincher and it's making me really quite pleased. It got sort of passed over for the reasons you mention but it was really really fucking good. I watched it basically as a stand-alone movie, having not read the book or seen the original, and when I went back later to watch the original I couldn't get through it, it just came across as so laughably bad after watching Fincher's version. I really think if he'd made that movie and it had just been based off of an original screenplay with no hype or pop-culture knowledge that the movie would have at least hit the heights of respect Se7en and Fight Club got.

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Does someone have a link to that thread? And has it been done for actresses as well?
Sorry mate, I tried looking for it again but as I mentioned I'm bad at finding threads. If you really want a thread like this, though, and we can't find the old one, you might as well make a new one (by the way, the original was 7 actors instead of 5). I also just wanted to mention I was surprised you included Match Point in Woody Allen's all time greatest, and that motivated me to watch it: and thank you, since that was a great film.

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Rainer Werner Fassbinder

1. The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant
2. Fox and His Friends
3. World on a Wire
4. Martha
5. Beware of a Holy Whore
I'm so pleased at discovering someone else here actually watches and likes Fassbinder, since he goes almost completely unmentioned on these boards. Plus, you appreciate Bitter Tears, which is criminally underrecognized. The fact that he, in his twenties, could write something that good in 12 hours, and film it in 10 days, should depress the shit out of anyone who wants to make movies for a living.

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