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From day 23 to day 26 . . .

25) Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return (1999) - By now, the original children have children of their own and are seeking to re-fulfill a prophecy. And leading the new cult is John Franklin's Isaac from the original. This aspect is interesting, but the movie as a whole is another so-so entry. About as good as Part V, better than Parts I and IV, and falls short of the greatness of Parts II and III (or rather, the best to expect from the series). The guest stars to unexpectedly show their faces are Stacy Keach and Nancy Allen.

26) Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines (2012) - This straight-to-video effort is a blast and doesn't disappoint. It is nuts. The fifth entry centers on that West Virginia town "celebrating" its disturbing history with backwoods mountain men, by holding a Halloween festival in which to dress up as the deformed monsters. Really? Seriously? Doug Bradley plays a normal backwoods killer who watches over the three mountain men.

There are possibly two missed opportunities others might make an issue out of. This festival is just another excuse for teenagers/young adults to drink and get into trouble. Would a blackout really stop them? Where do most of the young people disappear to? Why isn't there a bigger massacre past midnight? When did young people become responsible? There is something small-scale about it. The other missed opportunity is that Mr. Bradley is locked up in a jail cell most of the time, while "his boys" are out killing and waiting to get him out. No matter. These aspects didn't bother me, but others might question it. The main setting is a part of town by the police station, and the plot is centered on five young adults who get into trouble early on after a run-in with Bradley. Don't take these observations the wrong way. There are enough additional supporting characters to make a nice bodycount. And even in a jail cell, Bradley has a commanding presence. It is a very different villainous turn from Pinhead. He must have been grateful to play a bad guy without make-up. He chews the scenery in ways Pinhead wasn't allowed to. The death scenes are bloody and inventive, while the movie is brutal, vicious and cruel fun.

27) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006) - After three not-so-great sequels and an okay remake, this is the follow-up to truly live up to the original. No more campiness, no more funny shit, no more nonsense from the MPAA, and no more bullshit. "Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III" is a decent and badass entry in its own right, and I like to think that this prequel is what it strived and wasn't allowed to be. Once you walk away from the original and step into the 1980's and on, these films weren't going to be "quietly" violent anymore. They were inevitable going to embrace the power saw in the title. This film delivers the bloody chainsaw carnage and is a vicious ride, but I also find it to deliver the necessary suspense and intensity to legitimatize its place in the series.

So far, 27 for 26.

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