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Argh I want to see this so badly but I promised a friend months ago I'd see it with him and some other ppl when he came to town. So I gotta wait till next Sunday to see it :/.

Early numbers put it on track to make $13 million this weekend. A bit disappointing but not unexpected especially with the lower theatre count. Hopefully word of mouth is good and helps it spread.

While I think it's important for movie fans to put their money where their mouth is (you want something different from the normal Hollywood junk, at least give this movie a chance!), that doesn't necessarily mean Cloud Atlas will be unsuccessful overall. Its worldwide prospects are far rosier as other continents tend to be more receptive to odder films like this. Tykwer's Perfume made $130 million worldwide and only $2 million in the U.S. and this should have broader appeal, with more names in the cast. I think ultimately Cloud Atlas will be pretty profitable, even if it does poorly in North America but I'm still hoping it does well here as well.
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