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I do enjoy going though entire series, good and bad though just to see how they evolve/devolve. I went though all of the Halloween movies earlier this year having only seen a few of them before hand and had a good time of it, even if some were... not so great.
That's pretty much my philosophy too. I intend to finish Hellraiser, during this marathon - I have just this newest one to go through. I also decided to check out Wishmaster 2 after rewatching the first one and no matter how bad the other ones I intend to see those other series as well. The way I see it, even if the flicks suck balls, there's still something there that's interesting. All the Hellraiser films, despite going downhill and straying MAJORLY from Barker's original mythos, still had certain moments in them that were worthy. For instance the 6th one, with that insurance commercial guy, had that brain surgery scene that made me cringe.

#23: Zombie

After so many years of being confused which Zombie is it, or what is the deal with the number "2" next to it despite being unrelated (seriously) to Romero's films - I've finally sat down to watch this. Earlier this year I had the Lucio Fulci bug bite me and since the summer I've watched a few of his classics, so I figured I'll make this film I so wanted to watch for a while, part of this marathon. I gotta say I really dug this. From the funky music, to the Shark vs. Zombie, to the tropical setting and quite awesome Zombie makeup - this was a good flick. At least everything you could ask from Italian horror. And oh my GOD was that scuba babe HOT when she was putting on the gear. Uhh!

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