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Wonderful film. I'm with Hucksta G, this film is straight up my alley. My kind of flick too. Andrew Dominik seals the deal for me in being one of the best working filmmakers today. Now if only this guy didn't wait years between films!! However, if that's what it takes in him choosing the kind of projects he does, then that's the sacrifice I'm willing to endure.

I can see how the general audience who aren't film buffs can get bored with this. The pacing of it is deliberately slow, but the great thing about it is that within each segment, there's always some kind of payoff. Whether it's tension throughout, or an awesomely edited sequence, or stylishly shot scene...etc etc. The last speech by Brad was on the money, and a perfect way to end the film that makes an impact.

Also, I don't really see any Tarantino influence in the dialogue, if anything there's that roundtable shot - that actually isn't Tarantino's invention anyway, I've seen it before Reservoir Dogs in Woody Allen's "Hannah and Her Sisters" - other than that one little camera sequence, this film is its' own thing entirely. It felt more like a stage play, in vein of Glengarry Glen Ross, which is actually not a bad comparison - even thematically. But what I mean by that is that, that film has essentially the same kind of dialogue driven scenes, and the same kind of pacing. Another comparison to be made is something I saw on IMDb where I saw someone mention it feels like a violent version of a Sidney Lumet film - and I agree with that.

Loved it. Can't wait to see it again

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