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Loved it. Some stories work better than others (as someguy said, the new age stuff doesn't quite work), but even the weaker stories tie in very nicely thematically. It's a true cinematic experience. Life-changing is a strong term, but I certainly walked out of the theatre feeling very moved and like I had seen something special. I also felt that the way they structured it was brilliant. As it stands, the runtime really flies by and I never felt the length. I think if they had told each story in sequence, one at a time, it would have felt bloated. On top of that, I expected after the first 20 minutes or so that they would go in order as it cut from one story to the next (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), circling back to 1 after getting to 6, but they did it in a way that tied everything together thematically, which was ultimately very satisfying. It really keeps you on your toes.

I would like to see the age distribution on that C+ Cinemascore. An older couple walked out about half way through, but as the credits rolled, an audience full of people in their teens and 20s sat and watched the credits through to the end (I've never seen this happen at a regular screening, let alone at a movie that already takes up 3 hours of your time). I have a feeling that even though it's pretty much a domestic bomb with its poor opening, this will find a huge following on DVD/Blu-ray/Netflix/etc. It's just a shame they couldn't find a way to get the people who will inevitably love it into the theatre to see it, because make no mistake, this really needs to be seen in a theatre.

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