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I've had both dogs and cats as pets different times in my life and enjoyed what both brought to the table in terms of companionship and humor.

After watching lots of Cats 101 I've learned the aloofness is really dependent upon the breed. For instance Ragdolls and Snowshoes are considered "velcro cats" and thrive on frequent interaction and closeness with their owners. Turkish Vans: Very aloof, but enjoy water.

Right now there's this stray cat in my neighborhood my mom and her husband have been feeding since it was a kitten. They've even named her: Gladys. She comes by every night at the same time and enjoys her routine nightly feedings and a rub behind the neck. She loves it so much she falls to the floor exposing her belly for rubbing. I know cats who have lived indoors all their lives who never let anyone even touch their belly, let alone roll over like a dog and take a rub.

We're planning on taking her in. We just have to schedule getting her shots, spayed, capping her claws and picking the right litter and littler box to cut down on smell and kicking/tracking litter pellets on the floor. I'm going for pine pellets to really cut down on the ammonia smell.

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