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Just a correction, he was not in a "remotely good shape" in T3, he was in exactly the same shape he was in T2, down to the body mass and body fat. If he could do that at 50, 10 years later while he can't hit that anymore - he still looks built, and in no way like some crippling grandpa. He's aged, but he didn't age THAT badly. Personally, I think he looks good for his age. I see what you're saying, but he hasn't hit that laughability mark just yet

Show me the article or something that proves he was in the same shape as T2 when he made T3. IMO, I don't think he was. I'm just going with what I can see, and I'm willing to admit my eyes could have been deceived, but for right now I think there was a major difference. The aging in his face is also another major problem with reprising the terminator role. It was noticeable in T3, and it's sure as shit going to be noticeable now. Also, show me a recent picture of Arnold with his shirt off. I could be wrong, but I don't think the image is going to be that flattering. I can recall that wrinkly shot of him in his bathingsuit while he was in office. All I could think of to say was "oh, how the mighty have fallen."

As ridiculous as Rocky 6 and Rambo 4 were, at least Stallone stayed in pretty decent shape.
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