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I never said he had anything to worry about. You are able to read between the lines, no? What I meant by my comment was that despite the retarded efforts to remake PV' masterpiece, this new age POS won't even be a shadow of the of his film. When a shitty remake is released, and it is SHIT. I now simply ignore it. But it can tarnish the original films reputation. How so? Because for those movie goers who will go and see the remake and be severely disappointed by it, they may have no clue it is based upon an original work. Thus, you tell them this, and they think that would also be shit.
Pardon my French, but that logic is simply bullshit. If something gets remade, then you automatically have to assume that whatever the remake was based on, it obviously had some credibility to it. Otherwise, why would anyone remake it?

Also, no, I can't read your mind because, suprise surprise, unless someone's sarcastic or disingenious tone is apparent enough, I'm going to take their words at face value. Thus, if you type the words, "Verhoven has nothing to worry about," without a hint of insincerity or another meaning apparent in your sentence, I will interpret your words as being equivalent to your feelings on the subject.

But even after typing this response to you, I have to admit that my personal feelings towards the project are growing more negative due to the recent news of delays and refilming. However, I would of still given this film the benefit of the doubt if I hadn't heard this news, at least until the trailer was released. There's nothing wrong with rebooting and remaking something if you have something to add or a new take for an old franchise. How can anyone complain about this type of shit when the Bond franchise has 23 movies and has been rebooted and reinvented several times?

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