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Also, I don't really see any Tarantino influence in the dialogue, if anything there's that roundtable shot - that actually isn't Tarantino's invention anyway, I've seen it before Reservoir Dogs in Woody Allen's "Hannah and Her Sisters" - other than that one little camera sequence, this film is its' own thing entirely. It felt more like a stage play, in vein of Glengarry Glen Ross, which is actually not a bad comparison - even thematically. But what I mean by that is that, that film has essentially the same kind of dialogue driven scenes, and the same kind of pacing. Another comparison to be made is something I saw on IMDb where I saw someone mention it feels like a violent version of a Sidney Lumet film - and I agree with that.
Yeah I also thought it seemed like a play, similiar to Glengarry, but I actually enjoyed this more. Also I don't think any one was saying the film was influenced by Tarantino, just drawing similarities . This is definitly a film that stands on its own. Gordon says it better in the post above me
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