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Best-case scenario is that it takes the Argo route: go for a story-driven, tense document of what happened and make it feel real, even if it shits all over actual history like Argo did. Feeling real is all that matters for stuff like this. While I was more than a touch underwhelmed by The Hurt Locker and its pacing issues, I have decently high hopes for this. Worst-case scenario is if it turns into some sort of political diatribe or statement... which I don't see from Bigelow. So again, my hopes are decently high, and I love the cast.
Same here. The route you suggested makes the most sense (plus it seems to have paid dividends for Argo). While I don't recall any problems with Hurt Locker's pacing (though I saw it more than 2.5 years ago), I too was underwhelmed by it. It was well-made, and both Renner and Mackie performed well, but something was missing. Here, I like the cast better, and the trailers have been great, so my hopes are decently high too. Man, with this, Les Miserables, The Hobbit, Django Unchained, and maybe The Promised Land, December is going to be loaded.
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