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#28) A Little Bit Zombie (2012) (Oct 28)

"Why? I mean aside form the brains and a lil numbness, I'm fine. Besides, when it comes down to it, it's really just a dietary restriction."

So after Shaun of the Dead there's been no shortage of horror comedies and it's probably safe to say most have been pretty forgettable. I thought the trailer for this one was pretty good and being a Canadian picture I decided to check it out as Canada has been on a pretty good run thanks to Hobo with a Shotgun and Father's Day.

Taking a trip to a cabin in the woods (get it?) with his bride-to-be, sister and best friend/brother-in-law, mild mannered everyman Steve soon gets infected with a zombie virus and must fight his urge to eat brains while trying to deal with his bridezilla finance.

While at first the humour felt kind of forced and I was a bit down on it at the start, it doesn't take long to find its legs and it actually turned out to be a pretty enjoyable ride. There's a few references to other horror movies, but they're pretty smart about it and don't beat you over the head with reference after reference and the rest of the humor comes off pretty naturally once things get going. They don't think they're more clever than they actually are like a lot of films in this genre do.

The actors really bring this one together. The lead actor, Kristopher Turner gives a energetic performance and obviously has a lot of fun with the role and it shows. His best friend played by Shawn Roberts (Wesker #2 in the Resident Evil films) basically reenacts Stifler from American Pie, but he's so good at it you can't help but enjoy the character. Stephen McHattie (Pontypool & Exit Humanity) also joins the cast as a very fun (and very crazy) zombie hunter. As for the female cast, Kristen Hager is great as Steve's sister, however Crystal Lowe (whom you may remember form the sizzling tanning both scene in Final Destination 3) and Emilie Ullerup as the zombie hunter's sidekick don't really stack up to the rest of the cast.

Overall, it's a pretty enjoyable flick. I definitely wouldn't put it up there with Shaun of the Dead, but I have no problem saying it's at least at the same level as other recent comedy successes like Severance, Night of the Living Dorks and Dead Snow.

#29) Stake Land (2010) (Oct 29)

"One day you'll learn not to dream at all. Get your shit."

I thought this was pretty decent, but I don't think it's a movie I'd go and recommend to people. The setting and mood were cool and I liked a lot of the ideas they had going, but I felt it never really reached its full potential.

I really liked the cult angle and would have have liked to see it play a bigger, more important role instead of just being a what felt like just a series of random encounters for our heroes.
The final confrontation with the cult leader also came off really cheesy considering the tone of the rest of the movie. I personally think it would have worked a little better if he had no dialogue at all.

There were also way too many pockets of survivors shown. It just didn't feel desperate enough with so many camps of people and it made no sense that a pregnant woman would join them on such a dangerous trip. It also felt way too long considering the movies pretty short runtime. It was almost like I was a character in the movie because by the end I just wanted some resolution.

I also wasn't too crazy about the zombie-like vampires. Their design was too bland and had no personality and were they barking at one point? Yeah, not a fan of how they were handled.
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