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More Skyrim questions, fellers...

I'm a level 10. I have like 5 perk points I haven't spent because I'm not sure how to and don't want to make a mistake.

I'll get a quest that says something like go kill the leader of this group of rebels (the guys who wear the huge antler-things (I'm sure referring to them this way offends you real gamers, and I'm sincerely sorry), and I can go and find him in his cave or whatever, but I just get annihilated and killed. So.

Do I need to level up and sneak around and get him? Should I avoid that quest until much later? Do disguises ever work in the game? I.e. can I put on the antlers and an outfit and march right up to him and cap him?

Essentially, I feel lost. Most of my time playing is just running around the countryside taking in the views. If a tiger or bear or bandits come after me I usually outrun them unless I feel I can kill them easily. Again, I just feel lost. I'm having fun, which is what matters, but I feel like I'm missing something.

My absolute favorite moment was when a Khajit attacked me and had a note on him saying I needed to be killed. Is that totally random to make me feel like a badass or is there an actual story there?

Also, how do I get started on the Assassin's guild line or whatever? Or what line of quests would you reccomend, and where should I start?

Sorry that I'm an offensive noob. Again, I am having fun.
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