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#30) The Prowler (1981) (Oct 30)

"Could I have your attention, please, ladies and gentlemen? Um... Deputy London has just informed me that a prowler has been seen around the campus, and, uh... Well, he could be dangerous."

I've had my eye on this one for a while and finally decided to pick up the Blu-ray this month for my marathon. The Prowler is your typical 80s slasher. It doesn't do anything new with the genre, but that's forgivable because it's such an early one so it wouldn't have been so monotonous back in 1981 and it's still a pretty solid slasher even if it doesn't break out of the mold.

The real highlight of this one is obviously Tom Savini's gore effects. He really let loose with this one, the kills are vicious! According to IMDb's trivia section, Savini considers this to be his best work. I can see why.

My biggest complaints are that the body count seems lower than it actually is since all of the kills come in pairs and that the red herrings never really worked. It's painfully obvious who the killer is before the reveal and I don't even actively try to figure out who the killer is in these kinds of movies. I prefer just to sit back and watch it unfold before my eyes.

Also, considering the killer's military fatigues, it did look kind of silly how his main weapon was a pitchfork. It would have been cooler if they could have come up with some more military weapons along with the military knives he also carried. At least he puts the pitchfork to good use.

Overall, I had fun with this one. It really reminded me of how much I enjoy (and miss) 80s slashers. I'm sure there's plenty lesser known ones I've missed out on, so I'll have to start looking into that.
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