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found on imdb : new Theory (contains spoiler for end of 'Retribution')

imdb user "pawlo-86" posted this:

" I re-watched whole RE series and i'm going to back to my theory which i had after reading of RE5 extended plot - that all events from RE1 to RE4 were set in Hostlie World - fake world created by Umbrella Corporation.


Umbrella Corporation build testing floors in Umbrella Prime - a secret underwater faclity in North Russia. They tested BOWs there: T-Virus, Las Plagas, BOW monsters etc. Events from Resident Evil and Apocalypse were T-Virus simulations. Recordings from simulations were send to militaries from Russia, USA, Japan and China. Umbrella used submarines to transport BOW around the world. Red Queen - a super computer - take over Umbrella, unleashed BOW and started a war against humanity. Events from Extinction and Afterlife were simulations made after Red Queen destroyed the real world. Project Alice was tested by Umbrella in all simulation scenarios. President Wesker, who leads last humans in White House,send strike team to Umbrella Prime to rescue Project Alice. Project Alice is ultimate weapon which can stop extinction of human race.


- Milla said that Project Alice is EXPERIMENT and she is one of THOUSANDS OF CLONES,
- Paul said that Umbrella created a fake world to test BOW because they can't do it in real world - they would be closed down.
Fake world is populated by clones who believe that they lived in real world,
- clones of Alice, Carlos, Rain, One, J-Pop Girl, J-Business man lived in Umbrella Prime,
- Milla said that there would be HUGE SUPRISE about origin of Alice,
- Wesker named Umbrella as "they" and informs Alice that human race is close to extinction,

So yes, Resident Evil: Retribution can be a huge retcon which claims that events from RE1-RE4 were simulations made for Project Alice and she is needed to stop extinction of human race lead by Red Queen."

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