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Saw this on game spot and just had to share:

Cliff Bleszinski offers to help 'fix' Resident Evil
October 29, 2012 7:10AM PDT
By Eddie Makuch, News Editor

Former Gears of War designer says he wants to aid Capcom in addressing unspecified issues with long-running franchise.

Former Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski has offered to help Capcom "fix" the Resident Evil franchise.

"Hey, Capcom. Call me," he said over Twitter. "We can fix Resident Evil. Together."

Bleszinski did not go into any further detail regarding why he believes the Resident Evil franchise would need fixing. However, it is likely he is referring to the franchise's latest effort, Resident Evil 6, which shipped this month behind very mixed reviews.

Bleszinski left Epic Games after 20 years with the company earlier this month. At the time, he said it was "time for a much needed break" before embarking on the "next stage" of his career.

It is not clear where Bleszinski is headed, though his Twitter feed of late has led to much speculation. Since leaving Epic Games, Bleszinski has visited the offices of Activision, Zynga, Double Fine, and Electronic Arts. He has also met with God of War and Twisted Metal designer David Jaffe.

Is this guy a fucking idiot or something? Does he not realize that a lot of the complaint about the RE franchise in past years is that its become too much of a Gears of War clone? So now we have the creator of Gears of War offering to "fix" the game.

What an ill informed douche bag.
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