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Happy Halloween! Boo!

"The Prowler" is a good slasher film and "Halloween/Friday The 13th" rip-off. Excellent work by Tom Savini. A uniqe killer. Only complaint, the direction takes a little too much time and drags some scenes out to pad out the running time. But I can live with that. If there was ever a remake, Cillian Murphy and Kirsten Dunst would be perfect dopplegangers for the main characters. NOTE TO STUDIOS: Not a suggestion, just an observation. We don't need anymore remakes of `80's slashers. Put your laptop down in that Starbucks and take another sip of your coffee.

From day 28 to day 31 . . .

Frankenstorm turned out to be nothing serious in my area and I was able to go out this Halloween with a bang.

29) One Dark Night (1983) - As covered at my Video Store. An initiation-turned-undead-being-resurrected affair.

30) Deep Shock (2001) - When you frequently come across the following review - Poor David Keith. A wonderful actor stuck in a terrible movie about a giant electric eel attacking an underwater complex - in a movie review book and find that movie, you have to see it for yourself. And surprise, surprise, it isn't that bad. The special effects aren't believable whatsoever, but I didn't let that bother me. A trench opens up in the North Pole and global warming becomes a serious issue. The proposed solution is to nuke the North Pole. Really? Seriously? The douchebags who fire the nukes look like they want to just because they can (forget about nature, let's blow shit up!). One of the said douchebags deservedly gets burnt to a crisp. The female scientist who opposes using missiles believes there might be intelligent life in the North Pole from space, so she doesn't look any better. She is also naturally divorced from the military man in charge of the operation, so that they can get back together at the end. This owes a lot to "The Abyss." It is a Syfy/straight-to-video venture and does not demand high expectations. It is okay for what it is and the acting is okay, too.

31) Below (2002) - This is something new. A haunted submarine. Like an "old dark house" movie, it has a mystery and some spooky elements. However, I enjoyed this a lot more in the theater a decade ago. It is not entirely successful at translating familiar ideas into a fresh setting. It is a little dry. But it is well-crafted and has a strong cast. Features an early appearance by Zach Galifianakis before studios would take his unpernouncible last name seriously.

32) Manhattan Baby (1982) - As covered at my Video Store. A change of pace from Lucio Fulci with a story about a cursed jewel possessing an archeologist's daughter.

Thirty-two movies in thirty-one days. I doubt I could do this again next year. I would need to turn to a lot of franchise movies and might require another unwatched series to pad it out. Never did watch 30-odd movies in a month before, and don't want to do it again. At least for a long time. Wore out my DVD player. It was fun, though.

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