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I listened to Sean Hannity today. He spoke with Herman Cain. Cain has been promoting Mitt Romney in the battleground states, Ohio in particular. He said he believes Mitt Romney will win, that he will win the popular vote easily and win a "squeaker" in the electoral college. The possibility of voter fraud came up, and there is no doubt that the hurricane has given the Democrats more opportunity to cheat. I would not trust the Democrats as far as I can throw them. I regret now that I voted for Bill Clinton. We've had 4 years of rhetoric with no solutions of any kind. Obama has failed. Unemployment remains high, and the war in Afghanistan drags on. 6 trillion dollars have been added to the national debt. Obama is still blaming Bush. He ignores "Fast and Furious" and has lied about the murder of Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi, blaming it on a youtube video. What a joke! Obama has not earned reelection. Our one "hope" lies with dismissing this failed president and putting Mitt Romney in the White House.

Obama is going to win Ohio. And I don't see how this storm will lead to an increase in voter fraud among democrats: I just don't understand the correlation you're making. And restating the same line of unemployment remaining high when it's gone down, the war in Afghanistan that has been giving a time frame for withdraw, and spending money is necessary in the situation we were in in order to avoid the country's economy from entering economic turmoil. What I've taken from this election is what I predicted would happen after Obama was elected: no matter what he did, people would bitch that he's done nothing.

I'll be interested in Romney's plan of fixing the economy if he didn't insist on referring people to his website every time they ask him his plan.

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