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I think RE is in a very tough situation. On the one hand, people complained about the controls being too old-school (like not being able to move and shoot at the same time). On the other hand, it's lately become too much of an action game and not enough of a survival-horror game (particularly with RE5). It's really hard to balance the action aspect while still maintaining the survival-horror aspect. One of the heart-pounding things about the older games was trying to find enough room so you can slowly take aim and shoot before an enemy closed in on you.

Anyway, I'm yet to play 6, but I haven't heard great things about it. Coupled with the less-than-stellar opinions of 5, and I think it's clear that RE has lost its touch. Is Bleszinski the answer? It's possible. If he's a true, original fan, he might be able to bring it back to its roots while also modernizing it (kind of like JJ Abrams with the Star Trek reboot). I don't know enough about the dude personally.

My biggest complaint about the series is that the story has become too muddled. Too many viruses, too much of what appears to be revisionist history, too many characters playing too many angles... I actually loved the first 4 games for their story (by "first 4," I mean RE1, RE2, RE3, and Code Veronica). It's become too hard to follow since, although RE0 was nice in theory.
From interviews that i've seen of him Bleszinski is pretty full of himself. This idea of him "fixing" RE is most likely more of an exercise of proving to ppl how awesome he is as opposed to some sort of die hard fan that wants to take it back to its roots.
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