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These are generally the kinds of things Republicans tout as successes, so they are either hypocrites or liars when saying Obama hasn't been successful.
True enough, if you look at it from that perspective. I've always wondered exactly what Republicans have against Obama, given his track record. Though I'm equally perplexed as to why I constantly see liberals touting the things you've listed as positive accomplishments.

But you don't think a thriving US Auto industry is worth celebrating? Or the death of Osama?
The recovery of the auto industry has come at the cost of seriously curtailing workers' rights (which isn't too surprising, given Obama's wretched track record with unions). And while I didn't exactly mourn bin Laden's death, I didn't celebrate it either, given that the death and destruction the Bush and Obama administrations wrought in their supposed quest to get bin Laden is magnitudes greater than anything bin Laden could have dreamed of carrying out.