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As for 'Looper'. Videoeta probably posted the date ahead of when they were supposed to announce it (ie 11//19). The unveiling date for 'Looper' never changed for them..
Mao did say that the film would be announced on 11/19 for a 1/1/13 release date but then in a later post said the film changed to 12/31.* says "1/1"...

I can say this. On my end..I have this :

Looper (Blu-ray w/ Digital Copy)
Sony Pictures
Pending (not out yet)
upc: 043396413511

There is also this

December 31
-Looper (Piper Perabo-Breasts)

So im pretty sure the LOOPER will definitely street on 12/31.

and I am pretty sure retailers will have them on the shelves on 12.30

like i said once before Christmas/new years is the only holiday the studios give retailers some forgiveness with street dates. If they are sceduled to street on 24 or 25, then the retailers will probably have them on shelves on 23 if they are sceduled for 31 or 1, they will probably be on shelves 30
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