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It's not perfect. The make-up is downright laughable at times, the new age shit is corny, and there's a very ridiculous aspect to everything. Of course knowing all that I still liked the movie because it's endearing as all hell. I like seeing these kinds of risks being taken, even if they don't work all the time.

I cringed a couple of times but so what. I thought it was funny, thrilling, sad, intense and it never bored me for a second.
This is more or less how I felt. It was by no means perfect, but I was entertained from beginning to end - pretty amazing for a three hour movie (and I'm a firm believer in the fact that almost no movie deserves to be three hours long).

But, yeah, the new age bullshit about how everything is connected rang completely hollow to me. Aside from basic themes, I saw no connection with the various stories. In fact, I could have done without a few of them. I thought the most compelling and interesting stories were the two set in the future, specifically the far future story with Tom Hanks. I would have much rather seen that segment get it's own movie all together and ditch the rest.

(The 1970s story was pretty good too.)

The acting was phenomenal all around, especially Tom Hanks and Hugo Weaving in every segment they were in. Best character? Had to be Hugo as "Old Georgie" or whatever it was. And - holy shit - Hugh Grant was unrecognizable as:

the barbarian leader

In the end, I greatly appreciate the movie's originality, scope, production values, and ambition. I just think this was an example of too many cooks in the kitchen.

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