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Normal Adolescent Behavior - The film is about a group of six friends and lovers and the difficulties of one of them trying to leave when she meets a guy she likes. The plot itself was a little silly but the performances were pretty good. There is a lot of frank and honest discussion of teenage sexual behavior which was something of a revelation in this day and age when everyone tries to bury their heads in the sand about the topic. 7/10

Young People Fucking - Of the five stories I thought I thought the married couple was the funniest although they all had their moments (except maybe for the ex-lovers). Diora Baird was really good when she brutally emasculated and embarrassed her date at the end of her story. I liked how they intercut between the stories dealing with one stage of each relationship at a time rather than doing one whole story first then another. 7/10

Transsiberian - Ben Kingsley was fantastic as the middle man in a drug deal that emerges to find his boss' product and money. The thriller had a few turns that I wasn't quite expecting as well. 8/10