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Cell 211

An intense descent into institutional chaos, a prison thriller with a gnarly premise and an even better execution by director Daniel Monzon. I can’t say enough about what a surprise and delight it was to discover this, one of those rare moments of movie magic where everything clicked for me in terms of a film’s entertainment value and social awareness. The story doesn’t take long before shit hits the fan, when master criminal and riot specialist Malamadre – played by scarismatic (TM that bitch) Luis Tosar – seizes an opportunity to lead an uprising in a Spanish prison, which just happens to coincide with the first day of training for newly minted prison guard Juan Oliver (Alberto Ammann). Cut off from command and stranded on the wrong side, Juan has to pose as an inmate to survive the rabid crowd of convicts, and from that simple but suspenseful setup, many twists and turns (some contrived for genre’s sake, some genuinely gutpunching) and fascinating character arcs ensue, namely Juan’s. I particularly loved the bond that grows between Juan and Malamadre, their final dialogue scene before the big climax being beautifully acted work by both Ammann and Tosar. So I guess it begs the obvious question, with a movie this great as is… when’s the American remake coming? Aaaaany day now…

-> 9/10