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I think people have known whom they are voting for ever since the night Romney got the Republican nomination. Hard to believe that in an election as polarized as this that anyone could still be undecided. Obama has no plan for a second term except to continue what he has done up to now, and that is to try to reduce America to Third World status. I'll admit it is hard even for Romney to say what his policies are before taking office because the world is constantly changing. Policies evolve as time goes on. It is natural for Democrats to lead in the early voting. They are an impetuous lot. Republicans, however, being more conservative, tend to wait until election day. It shows their discipline and restraint. Mitt Romney has been coming from behind since 2007. This year, he rose to the occasion by overtaking Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. Hmm... Santorum. That's a name I nearly forgot. So Romney still has the momentum (Mittmentum, they call it) as things come to a point. In 4 nights, we will know. My bet is that Romney will overtake his final opponent in the end as he overtook his rivals in the primaries. Years from now, the Obama Interlude will be a question in the latest version of trivial pursuit.