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I loved this movie. It was a beautiful homage to all video games throughout its history all the way down to the subtle details in both the characters and the virtual worlds that were represented (and also in how they crossed over the games).

Initially, I thought that this was going to just be a cheap way for Disney to exchange money with a bunch of video game companies in the form of licensing deals (and there's plenty of official cameos to prove it), but they did more than just that. They used them to their full potential, and they not only included the characters of the games, but they also included the real life pop culture and gaming life that surrounded them (note the graffiti that's written on the walls of Game Central Station, along with the characters that walk within the area and sit and wait). I loved how they even paid homage to Walter Day of Twin Galaxies in the character Litwak, the owner of the local arcade (having the facial hair and the ref's shirt), as small of a role as it was.

The original content seemed to have blended in seamlessly, as if there really was a FIX-IT FELIX, JR. arcade from that long ago. The interaction between the fictional and real life video games really did show exactly how I imagined those conversations would go, especially with Q-Bert and his characters out of work, now that their game was gone. It added another level of feeling and emotion that a gamer really develops for the characters.

I thought this was a great film, and I'll gladly see it over and over again to my heart's content.
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