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Sending me a link to a credible source would provide more validation to your argument (just for future reference). And I'm aware of the Tea Party's goals for eliminating a larger government (similar to the Republican party) and bigot doesn't necessarily mean you're a racist: it's definition transcends to multiple categories of someone being completely close minded. A majority of activates in the Tea Party believe this to be a Christian Nation, have accused Obama of being a Muslim, and--along with the Republican Party--have told multiple people that Obama is a socialist. And you assuming I get my information solely from TV can be said about you believing everything you see on the internet.
Your a bigot definitely then your completely closed minded. Try to open you eyes instead of trying to follow what everyone else does. I hate to break it to you religion haters, but the majority of this nation is Christian and while Obama may not be a full blown socialists he is the farthest to the left President that we have had, and I am not saying that it is for sure a bad thing it just isn't working in his case. And yes it is idiotic to say Obama is a Muslim when he clearly isn't. And trust me I don't get my information solely from the internet and I was just trying to send you some basic information about the Tea Party although you clearly didn't read about it.