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I don't "love" my job. And I'm pretty sure most people who say that don't really mean it like that either. It's relative. Given the choice of sippin margaritas on a beach and going to work... I don't see many folks making it into work that day. BUT, given the choice of say, like in Darth's situation, going to teach high school or doing something he considers incredibly boring like accounting (he may love accounting but just go with it)... he will probably choose teaching every time and that's why he "loves" it.
Correct. I worked as a corporate risk analyst (I studied Economics and Math in college) before I went to get my teaching license. It was boring and monotonous, so I left once I saved up enough money to become a full-time student and get my teaching license.

But yeah, if it came down to "work" vs. "no work," obviously I'd go with "no work." At least for now, since I'm in my 20's. I know some older people who don't want to retire because they don't know what they'd do without the structure of a job. I'm certainly not in that boat, and if I hypothetically won the lottery tomorrow, I'd either quit or just become a part-time teacher for the medical benefits (depending, obviously, on how much I won in this scenario). But for the money and satisfaction I get from doing what I do (it's really fun), I'm very happy and can't complain.
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