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keep in mind that these C level looking girls he fucks(6-7's)are only made out to be hotter because of their millionaire celebrity life and status. I could walk to a local university with in a 4 block radius probably run into about 20 hotter girls then anything listed.

Gene simmons was put on a lie detector claiming he's fucked well over 4,000 women.

John Holmes has said between the orgy's, hookers, girls on tape and fucks in general he's fucked over 14,000

and the grand daddy Chamberlain has claimed 20,000. It's really not that far stretch of the imagination when Mickey Rourke was out having orgy's with 14 women in a European brothel in one night.

John Mayer is small fish.

I've managed to fuck my way into the triple digit club by the time I hit my early 20's. I actually tallied up the girls I've been with, with a friend. Thank god my wife doesn't know any of that. I would definatley have to say it is quality over quantity though.
Honestly, some people actually keep track of this shit? Even after reaching triple digits?? I wish I had that much time on my hands. : P
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