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THE UGLY is such a great film, thanks for reminding me it's in my collection I am going to re-watch it right now...

If this is the Kiwi movie then good choice. You may also want to catch Flatmates Wanted and Belief

Halloween night we got down with

Redd Inc - three degrees of awesomeness

[Rec] 3: Genesis - a bride with a chainsaw, hell yes!

The Devil Inside - not sure why this one has such a bad rep, the ending is abrupt but well conceived given the development of the plot lines.

Halloween - JC original, a must watch every Halloween

Trick 'N Treat - such good fun, reminds me of those old horror comics.

Seems Pirates and Zombies were the outfits of choice this year, plenty of treats given away (we did little bags of toys and chocs this year), and quite a few things left over to keep the team running through our movie marathon.

About to move to another Country, job requirement, hope they do Halloween there as well.
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