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I have watched RG3 a few times now and I am not impressed at all. He looks like Vick in his first year. Not everything is his fault, but he is just not nearly as good as everyone says he is. He still looks to run way too often. The O Coord sucks. That 3 rb system is just bad. So there is this odd system of 3 rbs running all over the place with a running qb? Sounds like something that the Jets should do with Tebow. In the first half, with the one drive that they went for it on 4th down 3 times and ended up with zero points, they never took one shot into the end zone. THat was the theme of the game. In the forth quarter, RG3 was running. He needs to learn how to conserve the clock and a incomplete is better than a 5 yard run out of bounds. Yeah, the one where he was leveled and drew the flag. He should have thrown it out the back of the end zone and saved time. The best drive of the game were the two long passes he had. They hardly ever have the guy throw downfield. The O line sucks. They could not stop the front 4 when they were not blitzing.

I am not impressed with RG3 at all. He needs to learn how to throw more and run less. Running for a QB should be done out of necessity and designed plays sparingly. Not as a major part of the offense. Rodgers is a great example of how and when to run. Or Rappistberger. Run to extend a play or when everyone is covered. That is why those guys win and Vick, and all the others do not.
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