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We're in very different academic environments. As a teacher, I don't have to deal with them socially, like getting them ready for dinner or anything like that. I just instruct them, talk to them, and occassionally get to know them. What you do sounds like borderline mothering. I wouldn't be able to handle that.
Well where l work is a boarding school

There can be close to hundred students at a times
Well as you have said it is simalar to being a mum to these students and they do look up to you for advice and guidence

I think sometimes l feel run down at times and l think l dont feel appreiated sometimes while doing functions but looking after the kids is my high light and geez they think l a great which is good in a way

it is true like you said you go to school teach the children there subjects and then go home while with my job l cater for the boarding tudents meaning you do see them socially at times
I think the worst time for the boarding students is when they celelbrate birthdays l find they get upset at not being with there familys at home

But in the middle of the year they get around 3weeks off school to travel home meaning overseas

We get kids from all parts of the world which is great
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