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I love my new job of 18 months .... but i hated my old one which i worked 17 years.

I didn't hate my old job because of the people , the actual job or the salary ( i do miss that salary now ) ... i hated it for the working hour. Lots of overtime which usually meant a work week around 60-80 hours which left me no place to actually have a life.

My new job is 36 hours per week no more no less ... and the 4 $ an hour less is fine with me since i do 0 overtime and can actually live. Less money but i'm happier.

Priorities sweetie !

What's yours ?
geez Dirtyfrog you would have been young when you started your job of 17yrs
But it is good you have your new job which gives you plenty of hours and also more money

I have to say my job pays well and the way things are going with job losses in Australia l wonder if it is a good idea to leave my current job
i would hate to leave and get a new job and then find out l am out of work again

I have to say at times l love my job but then l think the hours also drain me out

But Darth's job as a teacher would be interesting
Darth waht subjects do you teach at school

Well it is true that some jobs can leave toy not having time to go out and do things
You see l work late afternoon and into the night and also do alot of functions at times

We had a recent function for the yr 12's it is called Validitory where they celelbrate the years they have had at the school

There were 500 people at that one and l didnt finish until 1am
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