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Jack the Ripper Film/Documentary IN DEVELOPMENT for the 125th Anniversary

Victorian courts and alleys, shrouded around a blanket of the impenetrable London fog. Hansom cabs hurdle over cobblestone streets, and dimly lit gas lights stand in the darkness of a cold fall night. Suddenly -- the piercing sound of a Constable's whistle screeches through the air. The hair on the back of your neck stands on its end. There has been another murder -- the mutilation of another prostitute -- at the hands of Jack the Ripper.

Jack the Ripper.

The name alone conjures up wild tall tales wrapped around illustrious conspiracy theories with suspects ranging from British Royalty, to mad doctors, schoolteachers, and even housewives. This upcoming year will mark the 125th Anniversary of the Jack the Ripper murders. But what about the men who spent weeks on end hunting the killer? What were their lives like? What did they see? How did they feel?

Enter THE MEN WHO HUNTED JACK THE RIPPER, a proposed Documentary based on the lives of the men who worked the case nonstop. Men who, while staring into a glimpse of hell itself, struggled against an unknown phantom stalking the streets of one of the most impoverished cities in the world. The Documentary itself will be compromised of a fascinating tale woven around the words from the Detectives, Reporters and civilians themselves as they guide you through what was known as the 'Autumn of Terror'.

The Documentary is directed and produced by Justin Dombrowski, a freelance Screenwriter who works with History Outlaw Productions. Dombrowski has studied the Jack the Ripper murders for well over ten years and brings an unbaised insight into the Ripper murders.

In charge of Art/Set Direction and also co-producing is Ed Mantell. Mantell brings 10 years of experience to the film industry working on such films as Below the Beltway, Sherman's March, Ghost Town: The Movie, Elf-Man, War of the Worlds, Leatherheads, and Steven Spielberg's 'Lincoln'.

The Documentary itself is being Independently produced and made. And soon, there will be links to pages for Kickstarter and Indie GoGo where YOU can become a part of making all this happen. And where you can catch a unique perspective into what will be considered one of the best documentaries ever based on the Ripper and his crimes. With top Historical advisors and content that can best be described as 'Ken Burns meets CSI' join the Detectives of Scotland Yard and the Metropolitan Police Force as they hunt Jack the Ripper.

Link to our OFFICIAL Facebook page: (Viewable in our profile)
Follow us on TWITTER: JTR_Hunted

Specific Cast/Crew biographies as well as that of Historical Advisor biographies will be updated via this forum as well as that of the Facebook page.

Questions? Comments? Interested in investing? If so, contact:

Mr. Greg Caggiano
Head of inquiries, promotion and publicity
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