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The scene where Melissa Leo questions Denzel's character solidified Denzel as a guarantee nomination for best actor. Such an incredible scene, and Denzel is amazing in it.

I only wish we got more of the immediate after math of that questioning rather than the movie immediately cutting to him having been in prison for more than a year already.

Good movie, very compelling with great performances. Denzel isn't the only one who is great. Don Cheadle and Bruce Greenwood turn in strong work too. As does Kelly Reilly. But as much as I admired this movie, as strong as it is, I gotta say, I didn't quite love it. I wouldn't put it up there with some of Zemeckis' great work like Contact, Back to the Future, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Forrest Gump and Contact. Still liked it a lot though and am glad to see it doing well at the box office.

And yes, the crash scene is amazing too. Can't not mention it. Definitely an utterly gripping, fantastic moment. One for the ages.

Another great scene is near the questioning scene where Denzel is at the hotel. After hearing some noises it takes him to the room next door. And you see all that alcohol. Oh, man what an intense moment. He'd been sober for over a week and now he has all this temptation in front of him. And for the longest time the camera just lingers at him staring. It's quite a while too. It's so unbelievably intense and suspenseful. Will he give in to temptation or not? You really don't want him to and then he does and you heart comes out of your chest! What a powerful moment!

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