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Old 11-05-2012, 08:04 AM
I must admit, that a big reason for why I registered as an independent is because I find both parties, not one over the other, but both to be parties to be a bunch of bickering children name calling each other. Conservatives are evil. Liberals are pussies. So fourth.

I will admit that I do find myself siding with democrats probably more than rebuplicans on a lot of issues (gay marriage, gun control, pro choice, etc). Though I am no money expert so I have no idea how to get the economy better. Though I would say we probably would save a ton of money by immediately getting out of all these needless wars we are involved in. But I am against obamacare because it forces you to buy health insurance or face having to pay fines.

I'm against both parties when it comes to foreign policy as you can probably tell from my war comments.

If I vote, I won't be voting for Obama or Romney. I'll be voting for a third party candidate, possibly Gary Johnson.