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But I mischaracterized independents in order to criticize so-called 'independents' who characterized themselves that way. These examples of independent voters frustrated me because they don't actually seem to be examples of independent voters.

Rook to c3. You sunk my checkerboard.

Unfortunately, we all have too much wiggle room to squirm and worm when being too particular about how citizens apply their own party labels. As I understand it, party definitions crisscross, swerve off road, adopt other party affiliations and dress up in Halloween costumes. Obama is running as a democrat despite so much of his policy making. Spending into the military has somehow become part of the conservative platform. 'As I understand it', the independent affiliation can get as foggy as both democrats and republicans, so the only way to actually mischaracterize the independent voter is to say the independent voter is democratic or republican. And so...