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Total Recall [2012]

Well , i had a lot of predjudices before watching this movie. Afterall , the original is a great movie and reboot/remake are usually shitty.

Is this movie shitty ? NO !
Is this movie better than the original ? Fuck NO !

The upgrade in technologies make for a better and slicker looking movie and there's a lot more action scenes this time around.

Then again , bigger budget and slicker CGI don't make a good movie and all the changes in the scenario ( there's no Mars for one , been replaced by Australia aka The Colony) don't bring anything new to the table.

On the acting side , only Kate Benkinsale was fun to watch .... she was much more a badass than Sharon Stone in the original ( since her character is basically Lori and Richter blended into one ). More badass than Selene too.

Yeah no Richter this time around since we get like infinite robocops ( another Verhoeven franchise ) and that they are central to the plot.

6/10 (original is a good 8.5/10 in my book )

PS. on a side note , the remake wouldn't inspire one of my favorite goa-trance song of all time. GMS - I'm On Mars