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Allow me to once again. Clarify this.

I work for BVHE (Buena Vista Home Entertainment)

99.9% of street dates that I give are for Disney/Dreamworks/Touchstone/Hollywood Pictures DVD releases

While Occasionally I get other sell sheets from other studios. I will always post my own Dates first

Wreck It Raplh is Scheduled for Late Feb. Lincoln is Scheduled for Late March/Early April Oz, The Great and Powerful is Scheduled for Early June.

Now here is the Deal. We DO NOT have Solid Street Dates on anything so far from the 4th Quarter. we do know that OZ is JUNE reguardless. which means we need to stretch Frankenweenie, Wreck It Ralph, Lincoln from January to May. we are currently Negotiating with smaller Studios to possibly Release titles like Red Dawn, Playing for Keeps, The Guilt Trip, A Haunted House, and Parker. so with that

Wreck it Ralph as of right now is scheduled for Late Feb.

I have no clue about Boom
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