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RG3 gets compared to Vick and Cam because of the similar skill set being running QBs but RG3's attitude, maturity and accuracy is where the he differs from the both of them.
But that's the thing: they don't have a similar skill set. It's a lazy comparison because they're all athletic, but they play very differently.

Cam Newton is much bigger and stronger than those guys. His skill set is more along the lines of John Elway or Ben Roethlisberger before injuries started to slow him down.

Vick is much faster than Griffin and has a much stronger arm, both in terms of depth and speed on the passes (Vick's seam routes in Atlanta looked like they could take people's hands off). Skill-wise, he's like Steve Young. I can't stress the strength of his arm enough, especially when he was younger.

Griffin is the most composed at his age, but skill-wise, he's not really like them. Skill-wise, honestly, he reminds me of Alex Smith coming out of college more than Mike Vick, but faster (please don't reference Smith's 4.7 40-time at the combine... everyone knows he was faster than that coming out of school).

He might end up being better than them because successful quarterbacking in the NFL doesn't directly correlate to "talent," but it's more based on leadership, chemistry, and film study, and Griffin seems to have that in place. That's why Jeff George and Jamarcus Russell fail, whereas Drew Brees is headed to the HOF and Russell Wilson managed to steal Matt Flynn's starting job.
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