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Yes Gay marriage is the ONLY issue that matters. A number of years from now when America is in complete poverty people will look back and say, "We don't have enough money or jobs for food or shelter but thank god we had a president that liked homosexuals and had a lot of flowery rhetoric that sounded nice." I'm all for gay marriage but Jesus people need to set their priorities straight.
I don't know for sure if Romney's policies would've solved more economic problems than Obama's policies, but I also have no reason to believe that America will be in complete poverty under Obama.

Obama had four years. Much of his impact, whether good or bad, has yet to be seen. Its not like he inhereted a utopia and screwed it up. There's still many lingering problems caused by his predecessors (both Republican and Democrat).

The problem Obama will face is getting the balance between the ideological and the realism. The 1% could up and leave if tax hikes are too disagreeable. If he harms small businesses and the middle class, he'll fail and surely he knows that. There's a lot of scare mongering. I see nothing in his policies to suggest he's trying to exterminate the middle class or small businesses, or that he'll be zealous to the point of driving the 1% overseas, or that he'll cripple the economy.