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It's a bit of a .. mess.

Or maybe the writers are intentionally making us go along with Dexter as he is losing control over the whole situation. I mean seriously, have there ever been so many B-stories on "Dexter"? Deb and Dex, Deb and LaGuerta, Dex and the EasternEuropean Mob Boss, Quinn and his past catching up with him, Quinn and Nadia, Battista thinking about retiring, late Creepy Assistant and his activities.. Did I cover them all?

To me there are a few surprises: Ray Stevenson as Isaak Sirko is one of them.
First of all the guy is hot, he makes me think of Franco Nero, does anyone remember him? Serious hotness going on there with both of them. And I am NOT the kind of girl to even notice, but damn he is my type! But seriously; as soon as Mr Stevenson is in the shot, he commands the scene. His slight over the top acting, the calmness of him, the determination of him, his voice (!!)..

The scene of the shootout last week was simply very well executed: the parallel editing over Dexter's explanation, the decision to use merely sound effects and no music, even the expected slomo was beyond effective. All of this topped of with a fantastic Deb quote:
So we are looking for the fucking Terminator!?
Hilarious, exciting and fantastic television right there.

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A little late for the adaptation maybe, but I can see the whole Dexter/Deb/LaGuerta collision course being built up to an ending that hews close to the original Lindsay novel. To leave it there without major spoilers, of course.

Just a hunch.
Never forgot this post from a few weeks ago, and I'm with Sixx on this hunch now.
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