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I think where we disagree is you think this is only the case with black quarterbacks, when in fact it's the case with any HIGH PROFILE quarterback, regardless of race. I've heard just as many excuses for Matt Leinart or Phil Rivers as I heard for McNabb or Vick. This year, Mark Sanchez has been treated with kid gloves by the national media (Ron Jaworski ALWAYS defends him). Meanwhile, no one ever defended a guy like David Garrard or Chad Henne because they weren't big time players. It's really just about people wanting to believe in their franchise guy, so they give that player benefit of the doubt, believing that under the right conditions, he can be successful. It's not a race thing at all.
I am not disagreeing with you. I am just saying that RG 3 is not all that good, yet and he is not getting much criticism because he is a high profile black qb that the sports media is pushing. Much like recent other black qbs like Cam Newton and Vince Young. Most sports sources will not rip into a high profile black qb who runs better than he throws. If Vick were white he would be getting a non stop call to be benched.
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