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The Washington marijuana Bill is all sorts of fucked up apparently. They have some weird DUI laws that make it so that if you ever smoke weed you can't legally drive. Also all growers have to enroll with the state Alcohol and Tobacco org who reports directly to the ATF which is a federal organization so:

Also just wanted to ask on that pic above, why is there a check mark next to Maryland? Isn't it supposed to be a 'X'? Oh but I'm sure they pay more than their fair share of taxes that will more than cover the cost of our already hemorrhaging education overcrowded classrooms and economy. We need to fix our immigration system but stuff like this is backwards and especially a slap in the face to legal immigrant families. Do people even know why we have immigration laws today?

Hey foreigners, knock up someone then dangerously sneak into our country while dragging your kids with you you're good to go for a free education for them. Its bad enough they're risking their lives sneaking into this country but now we want them to risk their children's lives as well by giving more of them an incentive to break the law coming here? Perhaps we need to address other areas of our immigration system and not backwards ass shit like this. If education and coming to this country is so important for your child then do it by the proper prior established channels.

There's a few other questionable 'checks' and 'x' marks on that as well. "Yay more 'benefits' yay more 'benefits'!... yeah but how are we paying for this?... I dunno but yay more 'benefits'!

Well Californians actually voted to raise taxes so they could actually pay for things like education, sanitation and necessities. So there's at least one state that knows you can't get something for nothing.

In regards to immigration reform the answer is here:

Cuban Refugee Adjustment Act

If they're gonna come here en masse, might as well make it a more streamlined process to legitimize them.

Granted the Dems are useless to such a staggering degree when it comes to seizing the moment, but it astounds me none of them have used it as a method of leveraging more power against the Republicans amongst Latinos. Think about it: if the Republicans in Washington want to fight against applying the CRAA, to illegals coming out of Mexico, they'll have to start criticizing the CRAA itself, like "legitimate rape" type of criticizing, which they've been so prone to since the Affordable Healthcare debacle. They are nearly incapable of not throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I mean any argument they make will by association insult Cubans, they can't avoid falling into that mess. It'd be a great test to see if the election has burst their bubble or if its back to business as usual. This of course would PISS OFF Cubans (seriously, the CRAA is like gospel), who overwhelmingly vote Republican and would find the party further alienating Latino voters. Or they could just agree and TAH-DAH! Immigration reform!

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